Colts roundup

The Colts season at Taplow reached a conclusion on Friday evening with a Colts versus Parents match. On a dull evening, an enjoyable and tightly contested match ended with a win for the Colts.

Some highlights from the game

It has been a frustrating summer for the Colts. Lockdown meant that there were no league matches this year, taking out a key part of the season. When recreational cricket resumed, the Friday night training sessions returned and have been popular with players and parents alike.

Andy Mills and Rob Court

Coaching has been provided by Rob Court and Andy Mills, assisted by Ed Atkins and others. Parents have helped out with the popular barbecue, and the bar has been open. Our thanks to everyone who has helped out to make this a success.

Some Colts have been gaining useful senior match experience in the Sunday team with some excellent performances.

A few more Colts evenings were held, using the bowling machine. We are very grateful for Stephen Squire who has provided some shorter legs for the bowling machine to make it more effective for the younger colts, along with a dozen balls. The bowling machine – seen in the photo with the full size legs – is a popular tool for colts evenings.

On 6 September a Colts match was held giving some opportunities for match experience that we missed at the start of the season due to lockdown.

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