Bringing colour back to an old photo

In April we received a message from Geoff Mullin, who was Terry Wogan’s producer at the BBC. Geoff is writing his autobiography and wants to include his memories of the celebrity match in 1975 at Taplow.

A photo of some of the players has been hanging on the clubhouse wall for the last 45 years or so, and the colours have faded.

Geoff asked if it was possible to restore the colours, so we found a man who can – Glyn Fletcher at

After he had finished the photo looks like this – quite a transformation.

Back row (Left to right): P. E. Goodrham (umpire), A. Patel Jnr., K. Browning, A. Patel Snr., S. Bates, B. Johnston, G. Mullin, S. Morley, G. Slade, C. Kellett Snr. (umpire).

Middle row: D. Wigmore (Chairman, Taplow C.C.), R. H. Lock (President, Taplow C.C.), A. Blackburn, T. Wogan (Captain, Celebrity team), D. Hatch (Captain, Taplow C.C.), D. C. S. Compton, W. Rushton, A. Handley-Jones, D. Newman.

Front row: G. Adams, C. Kellett, L. Taylor, G. Mills, D. Hawes.

The match was played on 8 June 1975 and a report appeared in the Maidenhead Advertiser.

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